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Introducing our Technology Centre

Reconstructions of real-world, practical processes are key for process development and adjustment in the area of bulk goods processing. At the Merz Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH technology centre, we carry out processes on a production scale.

We make use of the full range of machines we offer for this purpose. You can find details about the individual machines, and a 360-degree tour across two levels, on the right.

  • Tentative / basic testing

    Here we use a few kilograms of your material to determine the product-specific behaviour. We then use this information to adjust various parameters within the system, such as grinding gap, roller surface, roller material, speeds, etc. By subsequently analysing the results we are then able to make basic statements about the crushing behaviour, dispersion of grain spectrum, etc.

  • Performance testing / validation testing
    These tests are used to then test larger quantities of 50 kg to over 1000 kg. They allow us to work out additional design parameters such as specific throughput capacity, power input, optimal speed, required roller diameter, vibration behaviour. We also get the chance to test and correct any parameters determined as part of the preliminary tests. We have a 3.2 t hall crane available for handling big bags. Components such as rollers, vibration chutes, roller feeders or bunkers can also be exchanged using the crane if needed.
  • Contract processing
    We also offer contract processing in our technology centre if you’re looking to introduce a new product to the market, make changes to your processes, reproduce processes on a larger scale (e.g. melting processes) or replicate mass behaviour for certain processes. Or perhaps you only have an occasional need for processing.  
  • Onsite Test (rental systems)
    Influences such as temperatures, moisture, humidity, process-related product changes all change the way a product behaves. We can’t fully reconstruct (if at all) these parameters and process changes in the technology centre. That’s why we also offer the option to potentially rent smaller machines. You can integrate these original machines directly into your existing process. We can then design the machines based on the results of your tests.

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